Friday, October 02, 2015

October 1953

Here is the Woman's Day 1953 calendar page for October!  I'm sure you've noticed that the dates from 1953 fall on the exact same days of the week as they do this year, in 2015.  Pretty neat!

This scene may depict a lake or even a river, but it reminds me of an oceanfront park my hubby and I visited in Maine.  We were there in early spring and so the trees were leafless, but there were trees like this on a sort of grassy embankment overlooking a bay.  I picture that park in the fall, and in my imagination it would look much like this.  A lovely place to while away a warm October day -- at a picnic table or in an Adirondack chair overlooking the ocean.

And the Scripture verse ... such a blessing.  There is no need at all for our hearts to be troubled or afraid if we know the Lord.  He is in full control of our world and of our lives.  He has a plan, and the outcome of that plan will always be for our good and for His glory.


  1. It is hard to believe that October is here already!! Time seems to fly by these days. I love the old calendars as they remind me of my childhood.

  2. Very timely word all around...

  3. Vee -- isn't it? I almost hate to pick up the newspaper in the morning. But as we were reminded of this verse at the ladies' retreat I went to in September, consider the context in which it was spoken. The disciples were in for the most difficult times they had yet faced. And so Jesus encouraged them not to let their hearts be troubled or afraid. This fits right in also with Joshua 1:9 which I am teaching in the ladies' class right now.

    Arlene -- yes, the old calendars make me nostalgic too. And I agree that time truly does seem to fly by these days. As I look at the calendar it seems we have half of October booked up already! But we have two getaways planned this month plus some other fun activities.

  4. Amen, beautiful reminder!


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