Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn Breeze

One teensy step at a time, I am attempting to declutter at my dad's home to get rid of things he doesn't use, as well as other items which are just clutter (think empty cardboard boxes in the basement, etc.).  One day I was doing a bit of straightening up in his kitchen cabinets, which are filled with dishes he never uses.  He tends to use the same plates, bowls, mugs, saucers, glasses, etc. over and over, which is probably best since those things are familiar.

But on an upper shelf I came upon a stack of these bowls.  They are probably salad bowls, but would certainly work for cereal or ice cream as well.  I have no idea where my mother ever acquired them. She had no other dishes like them.  I can see why she was drawn to these, however.   Like me, she loved fall, and the colors would have been perfect for her kitchen.

I looked these up online and found that the pattern is Autumn Breeze or simply "Breeze" by French Saxon China.  The bowls I found have no markings of any kind on the bottom, but the design is unmistakable.

And in my looking, I found that French Saxon also made a Pine Cone pattern.
Photo from Pinterest
Be still my heart! How perfect these would be for our "dream cabin"!


  1. They are beautiful and will give you so much pleasure to use them thinking of your mom.
    By the way - your blog page is just so pretty and restfull. I love visiting you!

  2. Truly lovely! Odd that my sister is in the process of closing my father's home as he now lives with her. She has the house rented for the end of November so she is going fulll tilt. Currently, I am laundering doilies, linens, and the like using a recipe for stained vintage linens...hope it works. Figuring out what to do about everything is quite the chore as I am certain it is for you as well.

  3. Hello ladies!

    Linda -- yes, I do think of my mother when I see and use these. I wish I knew the story of how she acquired them, but in looking at the design and color I do know why she chose them. This is a good reminder for me of the sweeter, beauty-loving side of her personality which was seldom seen in her later years. And thanks for your sweet words about my blog ... I am glad you've been enjoying your visits to my kitchen table!

    Vee -- Aren't they lovely? That is interesting that your sister is occupied with a similar task. Mine is sort of self-motivated; I am trying to make sure I have a little bit less to do later on when he does eventually leave his home. Thankfully I don't have the pressure that your sister does right now! And you are so right, figuring out what to do with decades worth of accumulated stuff is an incredible chore. I am the only one left so it's basically up to me.

    Do let me know how your homemade stain remover works. I have a number of stained vintage linens and have considered buying a soak that is supposed to work well. But if I could make it myself, even better!


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