Wednesday, October 07, 2015

My favorite fall mugs

If you dropped in at my house any fall morning, I would be likely to be enjoying my coffee in one of these.  Aren't they pretty?
Today I thought I would share my favorite fall mugs for a simple October post.  Most of these have been gifts.  Pour yourself something pumpkin spice and enjoy!
Love this Thomas Kinkade fall mug
Very rustic and handmade-looking leaf mug

The two photos above show the same fall mug -- both sides of a scene
These are the only fall-themed mugs I purchased myself.  I have two of these tall leafy mugs which I purchased at a home party years ago.  I put them on the top shelf of my hutch every fall.
Do you own any seasonal mugs?  I enjoy varying our mugs with the seasons!


  1. These are beautiful and I do look forward to getting out my seasonal mugs too...especially the fall ones!

  2. I love your mugs and I am so glad you are posting every day. I know it is hard for you to take time as you have so many responsibilities but it makes me smile when I see your new posts pop up!!

  3. Well, yes, I do have seasonal mugs, but no autumn ones. Yours are very pretty!

  4. I love that you have Fall mugs! How great would it be to sip coffee on a cool morning from one of those. Love it!

  5. Hi ladies!

    Thanks so much for visiting here at my kitchen table today! I think I have enough fall mugs to go around, so name your favorite -- hot cider, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice coffee or tea? (Bigelow makes a pumpkin spice tea bag [black tea] that is fantastic!)

    Debbie, that's neat that you have fall mugs too -- and Arlene, I think I read in another comment that you have some also!

    And Arlene, you're right -- lots of responsibilities and they seem to be increasing in the eldercare department. But I am enjoying doing these fall posts as well, and find the creative time so important to my sanity that I intend to continue if at all possible.

    Vee -- so glad you like the mugs. Always a delight to see you here!

    Tori -- yes, it is so much fun. Using seasonal mugs is just a little something we like to do to make each day special.

  6. Hello Mrs. T,
    Your Fall mugs are lovely. If I may choose a favourite, it would be the Thomas Kinkade one. I love his work! Pumpkin Spice tea or coffee sounds delightful! The only seasonal mugs I have are Christmas ones. I have quite a few of those. I really don't do a lot of Autumn decorating, mainly Christmas as I love it! Thank you for joining me for tea today. It's lovely having you.

    Autumn blessings,

  7. Lovely! I have a mug addiction too, but don't have any that are fall-themed.

    1. Oh my, I cannot believe I never replied to this comment! I am sorry! Yes, a mug addiction is what it is, all right. I'm thinking maybe I should get rid of some of my more "ordinary" mugs and get a few more seasonal ones like winter and summer.

  8. You have a lovely collection of fall mugs from which to choose. They are all very pretty.

    1. Thank you, Bernideen. And I apologize for the late reply to your nice comment, as well. I must have gotten sidetracked, I guess.


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