Monday, October 05, 2015

Favorite handmade fall decor

Recently on my favorite craft forum, a friend asked, "Tell us what your favorite hand-made fall decoration is. Who made it? How long have you had it? If you made it yourself, what was your inspiration?"

That got me thinking and I thought the answers might be fun to share here at my kitchen table where I am trying to post on an October/fall theme every day this month.  I found that I had more than one favorite handcrafted fall decor item.

At the top of the post (as well as immediately behow) you see these Thanksgiving Candle Mats.  You can click the link to read the backstory, but I think these are my favorite fall craft I've ever done.

My next favorite is probably these Fall Flower Lights.  My granddaughter Sarah and I saved water bottles all one summer to use in making these.
My third favorite is probably these Little Fall Ornaments I made many years ago.  Follow the link to find basic directions. 
Apple ornament hanging from cabinet knob
Assorted ornaments
Just a few more
And another favorite is this Simple Embroidery Project for Fall which you could easily make using any fall saying. It's a super quick project which gives great results.  I made this in 2011, inspired by some framed embroidery I had seen at country shops.  This is a dollar store frame that sets off the embroidery perfectly, I think.

So there are my favorite handcrafted fall decorations.  What about you?  Do you have some favorite handmade fall decor?


  1. I love all your crafts Mrs T and I am partial to those lights as well. They give such a cheery glow! My cross stitch pieces are my favorites as I worked so hard on them!!

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I don't blame you for having your cross stitch pieces as your favorites. You do indeed have a lot of work in those. I've been doing some thinking about a fall cross stitch piece I would like to design around a poem. We will see!

  3. It is such a blessing to be able to sew! I like those bottle lights you made.

    I was always crafting something, usually wreaths and things like that because I never sewed. Most of my time went into making Christmas decorations,ie, drawing and colouring, using coloured poster board and sparkles when my kids were growing up. I think my favourite thing was an Advent tree I made for my kids. I cut a tree out of cardboard and covered it with heavy green metallic wrapping paper. I drew each and every ornament for the kids to put on the tree. We used that tree for many years. Lots of lovely memories. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy this first week of November.

    Autumn blessings,

  4. Sandi, your Advent tree sounds absolutely wonderful. Do you have photos of it? If you do, I imagine they are older. You could scan them and post on your Christmas blog. Just a thought!

    I didn't learn to sew until after I had kids. I do enjoy it but am not skilled at it. The candle mats are simply done with embroidery and hand sewing. On the fall ornaments, the designs are fused on and the ornaments are machine-sewed together with a simple straight stitch, but they could be hand sewed as well. It's not to late to learn to sew, if you haven't yet!

    But how wonderful that you could draw and paint and make such special ornaments and decorations for your family to enjoy. Thanks for sharing those precious memories!


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