Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October decorating, installment 1

The chalkboard printable is from Nest of Posies
I actually did this decorating about a week ago, so I am not as late getting started with the October phase of fall decor as it seems!  Unfortunately, our camera is still having issues so these were taken, none too expertly, by me with the Kindle.

The photo at top features a framed chalkboard printable which you can find here: fall printables from Nest of Posies.  There are five different ones -- one Halloween and the rest fall.  This one is my favorite and I printed it out a couple of years ago.  This time, I tucked a silk leaf into a corner of the frame behind the glass.  The two behind the frame at left are simply pinned to the wood with small straight pins.

Then there is my fall ribbon board in the 2015 version.  Nothing too new or different there.

Lastly, this tin wall basket which you have also seen before.  The handle has had problems for years; in fact, it was bent and wouldn't stay in place even when I bought it, but I got it for almost nothing on clearance at Jo-Ann's, so I wasn't complaining.  This year when I got it out the handle had disappeared completely.  Rather than search for something that hadn't worked all that well anyway, I used some jute to make a new, easy handle.

And there you have my October decorating efforts, first installment!

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