Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Favorite purchased fall decor

This teapot may be my most favorite purchased fall item.  Love that leafy knob on top!
 I'm still hoping to blog at least briefly every day in October.  Yesterday I shared my favorite handmade fall decor; today I will share my favorite items that I've purchased or have been gifted with.  Quite a few years ago (about 15, I think) I realized that I owned very few fall-themed items with which to decorate for my favorite season.  So I made a few things, bought a few inexpensive things, and suggested fall items to my family as gift ideas for any occasion. 
The place mat is handmade and a gift from a friend.  The cake plate was a gift and the tiny gourds and pumpkins came from Jo-Ann's years ago.
 I bought the teapot above at Walmart several years ago.  I made the mat underneath it.  In the chippy green enamel dish at left you see the mini gourds again.  The teensy painted saw in front used to be a magnet; it was a gift my hubby bought at the Big E, years ago.  The pretty pumpkin at right is actually a candle holder.
Found this slate on clearance at Jo-Ann's some time ago.
Bought this from a country catalog last year
The harvest-y melamine plate behind the pumpkin is from Gooseberry Patch. 
Bought this tin "basket" at Jo-Ann's on clearance years ago.
Hope you have enjoyed this look at some of my favorite fall items!  Now what about you?  Do you have some favorite fall decor items?


  1. I have! Your tea pot is beautifully autumnal. Do you use it or is it decorative only?

  2. Good evening, Vee!! I *have* used the teapot, once or twice. Mostly I just decorate with it. It's just one of those pieces that makes me smile whenever I see it. I purchased it at Walmart on clearance some years ago for almost nothing.


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