Thursday, October 29, 2015

Favorite October posts from the archives

New Hampshire Troubadour, October 1950
I've noticed that some bloggers post links to favorite posts each month for the same month from years past.  I find that interesting, so decided to do that myself for one of my daily October posts.  I think it's probably especially appropriate since 2015 marks my ten-year blogging anniversary.  I went through my archives and here are the October posts I picked to share with you all!

From 2005, Kitchen Memories is a post about my kitchen memories from growing up in the 1950s and 1960s.  If you enjoy reading about that era, you might like to take a look at this.

From 2006,  I chose this post: A comforting Friday night supper.  It includes a yummy recipe for Zippy Cauliflower which you might enjoy.  I know I am going to make it again!

From 2007, I picked a slow cooker recipe that's perfect for fall and winter: Round Steak Italiano.  This can be made with any inexpensive steak like chuck, london broil, etc.

Photo from Taste of Home
 It comes out SO tender and flavorful.  An added bonus with this recipe is the fact that baked potatoes cook along with the meat in the slow cooker.  Just add salad or a veggie at serving time, and you're done!

From 2008, I chose a post with basic instructions for my Fall Fabric Ornaments.  These are quick, easy and fun to make.

From 2009,  I decided to show you From my antique postcard collection.  I was blessed to inherit a collection of these antique postcards, trade cards and Scripture cards.  Enjoy!

From 2010,  you might like Testing two zucchini breads. I reveal the results of testing two recipes with the thought of using these breads for Christmas gifts.  One was a double chocolate zucchini bread; the other, Paula Deen's chocolate chip zucchini bread.  The post includes links to both recipes.

From 2011, A taste of heaven tells the story of the ladies' retreat from that year.

Worth the read if you enjoy fall foliage and would like to see more of The Wilds of New England, plus a link to a good book.

From 2012, this brief account of an important lesson God taught me at a lakeside cabin: Lift up your eyes on high might encourage your heart as well.

From 2013, Hearty Butternut Squash Soup is a keeper recipe a friend shared with me.  I'm going to be bold and try making this soup with no meat at all.

And lastly, from 2014, read about a vintage find, Words of Silver from the Bible.

Hope you've enjoyed this venture into the kitchen table archives!


  1. That was fun! Haven't read all, but I'll be back one day to catch up! Had to pin Round Steak Italiano...sounds wonderful.

  2. Hi Vee!

    We were away for a few days, so although I published comments I didn't take time to reply to them. Glad you enjoyed this post! Do come back and catch up with what you didn't have time to read. It was fun for me, too, going through the archives and being reminded of all that's there.

    That Round Steak Italiano IS wonderful. We have enjoyed it so much over the years. It has a very rich flavor for so few ingredients. And I love the idea of the baked potatoes cooking right in the crockpot with the meat. Such an easy meal!


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