Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Foliage pictures -- around the neighborhood

Here are a few more foliage pictures, these taken around our own neighborhood.  I believe I took these around October 15.  The tree at the top of the post is right out in front of my dad's house.  I took this photo just looking up into the branches.

Here are some more:
This was taken near my dad's home.
 These next two pictures are not particularly scenic, in that they include some gone-to-seed plants (possibly goldenrod) and a leaning road sign.  I was trying to capture a particular bright red tree along the roadside toward the back of the picture, but did not quite get it.  The photos still show an interesting variety of fall foliage, and the mountain at back left is pretty.

 The photos below show the view from my dad's back door.  Foliage was not quite at peak when these were taken, but you do see some pretty orange trees and a few red ones.

 Above are some of my dad's blueberry bushes.  The foliage turns such a pretty shade of red.
 The above was taken from his back yard just beside the apple tree.
 Some of the apples on one of his trees.
 I snapped the above picture of a bush at our local bank.

 These were taken of our back woods.  Note the stone wall.  I enjoyed the look of combined green and yellow leaves on the tree in the left foreground.

More from our back yard.  In this case the tree had a combination of red, yellow and green leaves.  The photos don't do it justice!

Hope you have enjoyed this peek at our local foliage!  It has been exceptional this year.


  1. Mrs T those photos look like they could have been taken in my hometown in North Georgia...the mountain in the background and the pretty trees. We are getting lots of rain and wind so I am afraid our leaves will fall before we can really enjoy them.

  2. Arlene, how surprising that New Hampshire resembles North Georgia in the fall! I would never have guessed! We just got lots of rain and wind too and many of our leaves did fall -- but there are still plenty left. We just got back from a trip up north and the only foliage left up there is the tamaracks. Their pretty golden color is striking with all the dark green, however.


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