Saturday, December 18, 2021

A December evening at our little camp


 Yes, you read that right.  In mid-December, we were able to spend the night at our largely uninsulated camp.   This is not something we would have believed to be possible.  We've added insulation to the walls and ceiling in this large room, but as I've explained before, there is no insulation under the floor and no insulation at all in the other two rooms.  The thought of staying there in winter is just not appealing.  But we were having a warm spell and the forecast was for temps in the 40s overnight.  So we decided to give it a try!

I was glad we had already done a little bit of decorating a week or so ago.  This little tree has seen better days (it's one we'd purchased for my parents many years ago) but it does lend a festive air to the living room.  You can also see in the photo at top that we sort of have candles in the windows.  These windows have no trim or windowsills as yet, and when they do the sills are likely not to work with this sort of candle.  But Mr. T was undaunted (because he really wanted to have candles in the windows) and he created temporary little shelves to place the candles on.

I made the snowman garland years ago.   Haven't displayed it for a long time.  Bag in foreground contains all of my Christmas card paraphernalia.  I actually got a few written!

A peek at the cozy loft

Found this sweet sign at Dollar Tree

Cute felt skater has paper clips for skates!  Granddaughter Julia had the idea of hanging ornaments from all of the hooks that hold the windows open in summer.

This ornament was purchased from Etsy seller Marjorie at Treasures with a Twist!

I have two of these plates, so brought one to the camp to display on a cabinet door.

Snowflake ornament on a kitchen cabinet door

This shot out the bathroom window shows there really is a little bit of snow on the ground.

And that's our Christmasy camp.  Can't help but love it!


  1. Oh so darling!

  2. Happy Camping!
    The little shelves for the window lights melts the heart. The snowflake is a beautiful design. I might try to make one with my love of burlap and wood.

  3. OH I LOVE IT!!!! I can just feel and smell the atmosphere...perfect! Love all the little decorations you did. Wonderful! Now I really want to go there!! Such a fun place. Thank you for sharing it with us. Perfection!


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