Monday, December 06, 2021

December 6 -- Making space for Christmas


On December 1, I began putting away the fall decor and getting out the Christmas things.  

I have a smallish box full of fall decor plus a large plastic bag of silk fall leaves.  This year my daughter had a larger table to decorate for Thanksgiving and had borrowed some of my things to use.  When I went to put those away, plus the fall decor I had used throughout the season,  I was struck by how many things there were in that box that I never, ever use.  Small things, to be sure, but still -- taking up valuable space.  So I decided to do as I had done previously with the Christmas decor and sort it out now, before putting it away.

Wow, what a worthwhile project that turned out to be!  I was able to clean out the box, throw some things away, send some things to the thrift store, and everything that remained fit neatly into the box -- and the lid even closed!  That hasn't happened in years, all because I never took time to really look over what I had.

So I highly recommend others to do the same with their fall decor.

I haven't posted a "Making space" in months, so what I'm enumerating here is from September 3 through December 1:

To our camp —
A small enameled cast iron oval Dutch oven with cover
A small baking sheet
A metal cover to fit most saucepans

To the trash —
A carry-on bag that has seen far better days
2 reusable shopping bags that are too small
A vintage beach bag
An inexpensive tote bag with clear windows for photos
A doll-size yellow zipper
A duffel bag that’s become too battered to use
8 or 10 bits of gold cord and small gold ribbon bows
A few faux cattails
A wooden cornucopia magnet (missing its magnet)
A handmade topiary tree table favor

To the thrift store —
A canvas book bag with zipper top and one zipper compartment (a freebie from somewhere)
A never-used canvas carry-on bag from Golden Grahams/Lucky Charms
2 books
6 handcrafted pumpkin head mini scarecrow dolls made from spools and twine
An Avon Halloween ornament
A turkey table favor made from a pine cone and craft foam
A wooden “Pick Your Own Strawberries” sign with 3-D strawberries *
2 wooden strawberries *
1 small Constant Comment tea canister

* As noted before, this is the sort of thing that happens when you have, or when people think you have, a strawberry collection ... 

Just a note too that I have been SO thankful I took that Dutch oven to the camp.  (It had belonged to my mother.)  It is so versatile and I've been able to use it for everything from reheating soup to making box mac'n'cheese.

Have you stashed away your fall decor yet?  If not, why not go through those totes or boxes before you put them away -- and make more space for Christmas!


  1. Yes, I have packed it away, but I did not go through it. Alas, it is tied together so the lid will stay on. That might mean it's time to get rid of a few things. It's not too late! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. No, it's not too late! Wondering if you untied the box and rehomed some things to make the lid fit?


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