Friday, December 17, 2021

A fun idea for displaying and serving cookies


 Recently I rediscovered the vintage cookbook above.  This was already a used book when I purchased it, I think for 25¢ at a book sale to benefit the humane society.  I came across it the other day in a shelf of cookbooks and decided to peruse it for December blog ideas.  

I found a great one which I intend to combine with a recipe of my own -- if not this year, then next -- for a fun cookie display.  Here's the basic idea, as seen in the directions for Holly Leaf Cookie Bough, below:


It can also be made as a Holly Leaf Cookie Wreath, which must be similar to what is shown on the cover of the magazine, on the silver plate to the right.

Now, I happen to have a recipe for Holly Leaf Cookies which I love, and haven't made in years. Mine are prettier than what is pictured here, and they are very delicious -- though I imagine that the Orange Cinnamon Sugar Cookies suggested here are also very tasty.  My cookies are greener, having green food coloring in them, and they have a very vintage look.  I have two holly leaf cookie cutters, a plastic one with a sprig of 3 leaves and a metal one which is a single leaf.

Here's the link to my recipe: Holly Leaf Cookies.  If I make a cookie bough this year, I will make sure to get a picture!

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  1. Oh that wreath would be cute. Alas, no holly cutter. Perhaps I have some holly in my Spritz cookie kit.


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