Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Christmas kitchen table


This is pretty much a repost of something I wrote back in 2008.  I've been trying to simply feature it as a featured post, but since Blogger won't let me do that, I'm going to repost it  Only a couple of readers commented on it in 2008, so I'm sure my newer readers won't mind me posting it again.  Here we go:

This little display on my kitchen island (really an old formica-topped desk built by my dad) sums up so much of what I feel about a Christmas kitchen. The Christmas bandanna underneath it all is one I bought many years ago with just such a use in mind. The little "oil" lamp is from a dollar store and the Merry Christmas ribbon some I bought at Walmart a few years back. The two Gooseberry Patch books, Christmas Pantry and Comfort & Joy, fit perfectly in my kitchen this time of year. The pantry is stocked with plenty of cookies, fudge, and apricot fruitcake, and the makings for many other food gifts. And I find my kitchen at Christmas time to be truly a place of comfort and joy.

The "ribbon candy" is really ornaments, made by my daughter Joanna in 2007. I love the way she packaged them to look like real candy -- and I enjoy them as much (or more) as part of a display like this as I do hanging them on the Christmas tree. The cookie cutters are some of my favorites, and the oversized teacup is from the Mitford snowmen collection. (I found it in a consignment shop a few years ago.) The little rolling pin recipe holder with the candy cane handles was a gift from my granddaughters, and the cut-out cookie recipe is a favorite from my good friend Marilyn. I found the package of vintage light bulbs when we were cleaning the attic, and saved them for just such a use as this.

May your Christmas kitchen be a place like this... filled with sweet old memories and new ones being made... a place where you and your family find joy and where others find comfort too... a place from which your light shines forth to encourage friends and neighbors at this blessed season.


  1. Merry Christmas Mrs T! And a blessed 2022 for your family.

  2. As one who spent some time on the Christmas kitchen table this morning, I am charmed by this. I know the grands will be here soon to wrap their gifts for their mom so it had to have a makeover. I hope they will find things to their liking.

    Speaking if ribbon candy, I always enjoyed it when visiting my pretty. (And sometimes treacherously sharp). I have not seen it in years.

  3. I enjoyed this so much, and yes, your Christmas kitchen table is very welcoming and homey and reminiscent of days gone by...a vintage Christmas table. I know your kitchen is a place that your grandchildren must love to visit...not only for the sweet fudge and candies and cookies that they are apt to find there (especially after they helped you make them all!), but because there is so much love there for them. They know that they are loved and they feel safe there I am sure. What a wonderful heritage to pass on to them and they to their own families someday! The tables may look different and more modern, but the love will always be the best kind of all...the Godly love of loving parents/grandparents, who are loved by Jesus and pass on that love to their children. Thank you for this. Merry Christmas!


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