Friday, December 10, 2021

Christmas baking update as of December 10


So we're 1/3 of the way into December.  It's been a busy month so far for Mr. T,  helping others with carpentry projects.  But every spare moment has found him in the kitchen, baking up a floury storm.  Here's a list of his progress so far:

2 double batches Chocolate Spritz

A double batch Peanut Blossoms

A double batch Whipped Shortbread


A double batch of Sacher Torte Cookies 

A triple batch of Eggnog Logs


A double batch of Secret Spice Cookies (the ones with red and green sugar on racks below)


A double batch of Chocolate Mint Crisps

A double batch of Christmas Tree Spritz

4 batches Heavenly Delight fudge

And I think that may be all, so far.  There are still a few varieties left on my tentative cookie list.  We're hoping to do some candy making with some of the grandkids, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Well I am impressed. I have done NO baking at all this year. I need to get started. I may give those egg nog logs a try. They look so pretty and I am sure they are delicious.

    1. I hope you try them, Arlene. They are a bit labor intensive as they are shaped, frosted, and then the bark lines added with a fork and nutmeg sprinkled on. But they are very delicious. So many in our family love these cookies that he had to make a lot.

      Well, you have had plenty on your plate and I can understand how you've had no time to bake. It might be good therapy though!

      I think

  2. Me, too. Impressed that is. I could never go on a baking spree like that as I would have to toss them. You must give many of them away. Yum!

    1. We do give many of them away. We take cookie trays or plates to events at church, give them as gifts, Mr. T shares with buddies at his flag wave and also with his former work mates who are always asking how he is coming with his Christmas baking!

      Wish we lived closer -- we would bring you a plate!


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