Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A meaningful Christmas quote


 I found this quote in one of my favorite Gooseberry Patch Christmas books, Book 7.  It's on the left above.  I really need to do a review of this book because it is filled with great recipes and ideas.  In this book there's a lovely quote from a reader named Cyndy Rogers of Upton, Massachusetts.  This little quote is part of a longer memory shared by Ms. Rogers.  Here it is:

"Christmas memories are some of the sweetest and fondest of those we carry through our lives.  From our earliest childhood recollection, Christmas memories are stored in a special place in our hearts, to be recalled during quiet times of reminiscing." ~ Cyndy Rogers

This is so very, very true.  Let's make sure we are making plenty of these rich Christmas memories for our children and grandchildren, even more so when the very celebration of Christmas is being threatened.

Above is a memory from my own childhood -- the fireplace and tree in my grandmother's living room.  I believe that is my stocking to the left with a felt candle on it.  My Christmas memories are so very rich.  I want the same for my grandchildren.


  1. "Christmas memories are stored in a special place in our hearts." I love that, and it's so true. Recalling my childhood Christmases brings such joy...
    Mrs. T, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Do your grands enjoy hearing your Christmas memories? I sure enjoyed hearing my grandparents' memories. Very interesting they were.

  3. That is a lovely quote, and I totally agree. My childhood memories of Christmas are deep in my memory...maybe the details are kind of vague and blurred now, one year runs into the other, but there is this sense of peace and happiness that surrounds them...I was blessed to have a very loving and happy childhood/family, and the holidays were the highlights of every year. We tried to make it the same way for our kids and did the best we could even though we often lived too far from our "homes" to be with our parents for the holidays, but we still did the best we could. Our only grandson is now 22 and we've always lived too far apart to be together for Christmas, but we always tried to spend his birthday with him in October. Those are special memories for us. Thank you for stirring up these's all good. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with your family near. Joy Joy Joy! Praise we the Lord in heaven on high!

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM

    "the very celebration of Christmas is being threatened"
    Seriously? How so?


    1. Hi Les! Well, perhaps that is a slight overstatement on my part, but we are being urged not to gather together with friends and family at Christmas. I guess maybe "threatened" wasn't the best choice of words. Maybe "discouraged" would be a better choice?


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