Monday, December 20, 2021

Letting our Christmas light shine


Even before we found the weather conducive to staying two nights at our camp in December, Mr. T had the literally brilliant idea that he wanted to place a lighted Christmas tree in the loft for the Christmas season.  He put the tree up there, with lights on a timer, several weeks ago.

Then he decided he also wanted candles in the windows.  We have these fun vintage candoliers, with plastic bases, that had belonged to my grandmother.  As I mentioned last week, the windows in the camp do not have window sills.  He hasn't completed the window trim yet, but even if the sills were in place they wouldn't be at the right height for these candles.  So he decided to fabricate some temporary shelves to hold the candles.

Voila!  You can see three of the little temporary shelves in this photo.  There are four total.  Now see how they look from outside:

I think that the last photo may be the best one of the candles.

Mr. T tried to photograph the candlelit windows from outside, the first December night we spent at the camp -- the 16th.  But his photos just didn't come out well.  So he tried again on the night of the 17th, using a small tripod this time.  Success!

I absolutely love that in the blackness of a winter night on a dirt road in the woods, lights are shining forth from a little cabin.   Such an important lesson for all of us.  Once again we are being promised a dark and dire winter.  It need not be that way, friends.  Let your Christmas lights shine!


  1. Though it was certainly true for last winter. What kind of leader promises his countrymen such things? Better get out of the tall grass and say that the tree in the loft looks sweet as do the candles. My tree in the loft idea was scrapped because it didn't show up well and looked "ghostly" or was that ghastly? Ha! Yours is definitely not either one of those.

  2. Thank you for bring the beauty of light to all those that see your photo and camp!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh I LOVE THIS!!! Those lights are shining brightly in this vast wilderness...shining lights leading the way to Jesus, the Babe in the Manger, The Savior of the World...the Light of the World! Thank you for sharing these pictures. They make me smile so big!!! Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love this. I always loved candles in the windows. I don't have the kind of windows to put them in anymore. Our previous home had great windows for that and I had candles in them. Great job by your husband. I love your analogy. I am with you...putting my faith in the one who is the Light of the World.


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