Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Christmas cookie quote


I ended up posting quite a few photos (a couple of them are above) of Mr. T's Christmas cookie baking on Instagram throughout December.  Invariably someone would ask what we could possibly do with all of those cookies.  Well, as some of you know, we freeze them and then bring them out for neighbor gifts, hostess gifts, gifts for friends, fellowship dinners at church, and the like.  This year we didn't have a lot of room in the freezer, but it's been cold enough for the cookies to stay frozen on the front porch:

I recently ran across a quote that describes exactly how we use our cookies.  Every December, I get out all of my Gooseberry Patch Christmas books (one at a time) and page through them.    Book 6 is one of my favorites; in fact, I wrote a review of it on my Christmas blog: Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 6.  This morning I was browsing through the cookie section and came upon a really sweet quote that I wanted to share with you all, for I think you will all recognize the truth of it.  There are sidebar quotes sprinkled throughout the book.  This one is from Rebecca Suiter of Checotah, Oklahoma.

"There is nothing like a plate of beautifully decorated cookies to highlight your Christmas table or to give to a special friend, and most of all, there is nothing like the cherished memory of making them with your children and grandchildren!" -- Rebecca Suiter

Isn't this so true?  Below is a plate of cookies my hubby arranged to take to friends.

And here is the dessert table at our daughter Carrie's on Christmas Day.  Isn't it beautiful?  The large cookie tray in the back was our dessert contribution and was also arranged by Mr. T.  

 Cookies have always been a big part of our Christmases.  And now you see, in case you were wondering, why we bake so many.


  1. It is so wonderful to see this!! My family does this also!! Every Thanksgiving my entire family and extended family spend three days just making cookies! The kids join in (no matter how little) and it brings us soo many special memories!! Thank you for sharing this and I am off to now follow you on Instagram!! HUGS - Happy New Year!

  2. Love the quote, and the cookies look amazing! Wow, Mr. T did that? I am impressed! He would get along well with our son Scott who loves to bake cookies too. Oh, I love the lampshade in the picture above!! We love mooses here at our house!!


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