Saturday, December 11, 2021

Pastel Christmas sweetness


 If you've ever done much looking at vintage Christmas cards (as I definitely have, because of my Etsy shop), you know that at intervals over the years pastel colors have often been very popular at Christmas time.  I know I've written a little about this in the past on my other blog, back when I only owned a couple of cards in this category.

I tend to prefer traditional colors of red and green in my own Christmas decorating, though I have decorated with different themes over the years and have at different times had more "country" or "woodsy" colors in the living room, where they fit better, or used white, mauve and green on a Victorian themed tree I once had in our bedroom.  I love an eclectic tree with all kinds of different colors for our main Christmas tree.  

But as I've looked at and handled the lovely pastel cards of yesteryear,  I must admit to having fallen in love with some of them, the one at the top of the post in particular.  Pastels are so pretty with holly, pine sprigs, and mistletoe.  I'm just going to post some of the scans of my cards and add brief captions.

Angels and manger in pastels

Pastel bell swag

Pastel ornaments in a crystal dish

Oh, what a pretty candle and arrangment!

Pastel blue candle with glitter

Love this wreath with snowflakes

I hope you've enjoyed this look at some of yesterday's pastel Christmas cards.


  1. Your sampling of pastel cards is lovely. I could happily decorate with them. I also like the ornate crystal. The double stacked bowl is very nice.

    1. Aren't they so pretty? I realized after the fact that I had several others I could have included.

  2. Morning!
    So very pretty!! My bedroom decorations are mostly pastels. And last year I did the dining table in pastels using pink depression dishes and enjoyed it so much.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh what a lovely idea to set a Christmas table in pink depression glass! Sounds like something one would see in Victoria magazine!

  4. I did enjoy this post, Mrs. T. The cards make me think of my childhood, but I'm guessing they're older than that (I was born in 1959). I actually have some cards that are similar to these. Wondering now just how old they might be!


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