Monday, July 06, 2009

And now, a serious attempt to get back on track...

Once again, my back-on-track challenge has completely fizzled out. It's not that every day has been a total loss, but there have been very few days where I felt "on track" in every area.

I've continued to keep up with my daily devotions and with basic homekeeping tasks. I still want to do a major cleaning and decluttering of my house. I did several mornings' worth of FlyLady's Crisis Cleaning 101, which helped tremendously. I've managed to fit in a little exercise most every day and have eaten well most of the time, but I'm not feeling top-notch and know I need to make some changes. I've done well at making routines and scheduling on some days, and completely ignored them on other days. I still haven't gotten back to where I want to be with Bible study and Scripture memory(other than to prepare my Sunday School lessons), and time for creativity has been nearly nonexistent.

So I'm trying again, seriously and purposefully, to get on track and stay there. Again, working on the theory that it takes 21 days to build a habit, I've set a goal of being completely back on track by the end of July.

As before, here are the areas I'll be working on, this time with some specific goals:

* Health & energy -- to keep up with the Body Clutter Investigator, to be sure I eat right, exercise, drink enough water, get enough fiber, and get enough sleep.

* Devotional life -- in general this is in fine shape, but I want to stay faithful in Bible study (as of today I've gotten back into my study of Psalms) and scripture memory.

* Homemaking -- to plan each week and then each day, realizing that God may have a Plan B for each one, but also recognizing that I need a schedule, however flexible, in order to make the best use of my time. To stick with routines I have set up that work well for me if I will only follow them. To work in the zone for the week every day and to get in the mode of the weekly home blessing. To declutter and reorganize the dungeon, aka the computer room/home office/craft closet.

* Creativity -- ironically (because I have so little time to do anything creative), I find my mind overrun with creative ideas for projects I want to do. This is an answer to prayer and I don't take it lightly. So I need to make a concerted effort to plan creativity into every day, and then to follow through with the actual crafting, writing, etc.

I will try and check in every day and post about how I'm doing.

If anyone else is still feeling as sidetracked as I am, feel free to join me in this challenge! And for those of you who did join me and are doing well, praise the Lord!

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