Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back-on-Track Challenge, Day 3

Here's how things went yesterday:

* Health & energy -- kept up with the Body Clutter Investigator, ate well, didn't drink quite enough water, got 23g fiber, and got 6.5 hours sleep. Sadly, my day was so busy and so much of it spent out of the house that I didn't find time to exercise.

* Devotional life -- continued my study of Psalms (I'm currently studying Psalm 96:1-4); worked on memorizing 2 Peter 1:3-4. Had a wonderful quiet time of reading the Bible and praying.

* Homemaking -- made a schedule for my day. Did a small amount of decluttering. Didn't do anything (other than dishes and basic upkeep) in zone 2. Baked cookies for a thank-you gift and for the freezer, and made a birthday cake for my dad.

* Creativity -- made a birthday card for my dad. Worked a little bit on the second curtain. Wrote in my journal.

So that was day 3 of my challenge. For a busy day with so much time spent elsewhere, I'm pleased with how things went. I'm especially thankful for the time spent in the areas of Bible study and scripture memory.

How about you? If you're taking part in this challenge with me, share your thoughts in the comments! I see that my friend Mrs. Doug, over at A Little Camper in the Woods, is making progress in her back-on-track challenge too. Great work!


  1. Great job! Sounds like your right on "track". The cookie recipes look like something that would be easy to make for church sometime. I don't like to keep the oven on for several batches of cookies, so these would be a great idea... expecially the "ginger snap" variety.

    Hope you have a great day in the Lord!!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Mrs. Doug! Yes, I love these cookie recipes. I had forgotten all about them and was so tickled when the Lord brought them back to my mind.

    Okay, now back to curtain making...

    God bless,


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