Friday, July 03, 2009

Show & Tell Friday for July 3

For show and tell today, I am sharing a treasure trove of old cookbooklets. Some of you may remember that I shared some of these awhile ago. But this is a whole different batch of them.

Mr. T has been cleaning the garage and reorganizing it. He came upon this box of old cookbooks that had belonged to my great-aunt. Some of them were too far damaged by mice, etc. to keep, but most were in good condition. I am sharing some of my favorites. I scanned these rather than photographing them, thinking it would show details better.

"Better Meals for Less" was published in 1930. Isn't her apron adorable?

"Getting the Most Out of Foods" is a publication of Pyrex ovenware. I love the apron on this cook, too.

"Come into the Kitchen" is a thin pamphlet-type cookbook published by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company. This cook is also wearing a cute apron!

A pasta cookbook put out by the Mueller's company.

From Grandma's Molasses, 1928.

From the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

New Cake Secrets, from 1931.

"How to Decorate a Cake".

Love this Jell-O cookbook from 1933.

The last two cookbooks are my favorites. These are tiny -- about 3x5.5. The pages are perforated and can be removed to use as recipe cards. These little books are both from Kraft Foods, copyright 1933.

"Cheese and Ways to Serve It". Did you know Velveeta was in use back in 1933? Or that Old English Cheese used to come in a brick like Velveeta?

A view of 2 of the pages.

"Kitchen Fresh Ideas", my very favorite. Love that tablecloth-type background.

An interior view of "Kitchen Fresh Ideas".

And that is my Show & Tell for today. To see what others have shared for Show & Tell Friday, head on over to There is No Place Like Home.

Happy Show & Tell Friday!

And have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone!


  1. What a wonderful collection. I love old cookbooks.


  2. Love all those old graphics...and I am sure there are lots of great recipes in those cookbooks as well.

  3. I love recipe books. Looks like you have some great vintage ones. Thanks for sharing. Come see my bench and garden.

  4. Hi ladies,

    So nice to see you all here! I am glad you enjoyed seeing my treasure trove of vintage cookbooks!

    Thanks for stopping in and for leaving such nice comments. Please stop by anytime!

    God bless,

  5. Thank you for sharing! I love those vintage recipe collections. I have just a few. Grandma's is my favorite molasses. It is the best for gingersnaps.

  6. Hi Elaine!

    Thanks for stopping in! Grandma's Molasses *is* so good. It's the brand I grew up using. Often nowadays I will also use Crosby's, from New Brunswick.

    Stop in anytime... I love company here at my kitchen table.

    God bless,


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