Thursday, February 22, 2007

Three new challenges...

Well, our daughter and her husband and baby have come and gone. It was wonderful having them here, but I'm sure many of you may be familiar with the big letdown that follows an enjoyable, exhausting time. I'm not feeling toooooo much of that, probably because of the many prayers on my behalf. But I thought it might be proactive of me to also keep myself busy with a few mini-challenges. (I'm soon to start a great big writing challenge, so I'll ease into that this way.)

#1 -- House in order challenge -- from now to March 1. I'll use this challenge to get my house back in order, laundry caught up, fridge cleaned out, etc. etc.

#2 -- March decorating challenge -- from now to March 1. I'll use this challenge to get all of my Valentine and Christmas decor taken down, but I won't try and do much spring decor yet. It won't be spring here for a looooong time yet.

#3 -- Life in order challenge -- from now to March 10. I'll use this challenge to get back into good cooking and eating habits, and to resume my housekeeping routines, exercise routines and devotional and Bible study routines, as well as beginning writing and research for my big writing project.

The accountability of these challenges will be a wonderful help to me, I'm sure -- the concept worked so well for me in the previous 2 challenges. I'm looking forward to getting life and my house back into good working order!

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