Thursday, February 01, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 14

What a day! I seem to have spent most of it on the phone with doctors' offices, home health agencies and other such things. I didn't get a lot done toward the challenge, that's for sure. But here's what I did do:

* Finished 2 handmade gifts.

* Did a bit of stitching on an embroidered pillowcase.

* Designed and put together a Valentine-y centerpiece for the dining room table.

* Began decluttering another tote of craft materials.

Sure am hoping for a more productive day tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi Mrs T,
    I hope you get more done today from your list of goals. Making all those health care calls can wear you out and take the better part of a day. I had to do that for my Mom for years and it sure took patience and time!
    Praying for a productive day for you..the count down is surely on for you.

    Blessings, Patty

  2. Hi Patty,

    Thank you so much for your prayers! It is such a blessing to know that someone is praying for me!

    We are hoping to get quite a bit done today as my hubby has most of the day off from work. Hopefully we will get some of the furniture moved that we are planning to. (His day got busier already because of a snowstorm overnight... now he has plowing to add to his list for the day!)

    Sure hope your cold is better...

    God bless,


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