Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 3

Now we are really down to the wire! Today was busy with laundry and other things, but here's what got done toward the challenge:

* Washed the guest room window and bought what I needed for a new window treatment there.

* Cut out pieces for 3 felt gift card holders.

* Crafted a new toilet paper basket (out of paper twist and an empty tissue box) for our downstairs bathroom

* Planned out what I still have to do in the way of cleaning projects

* Did some more decluttering in the computer room

* Mr. T added WD-40 to a squeaking glider rocker -- should help with rocking the little one.

* Sent out all the open house invitations and a few valentines

* Talked with 3 ladies about what they will bring to Friday's tea party

* Planned the week's menus

* Decluttered a shelf in the linen closet

And that may be about it. Tomorrow must be super-productive, as it's the last full day that we have before our guests arrive!

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