Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 11

Today being Sunday and a busy one at that, not a lot got done toward the challenge. (We were at church from 9:20 this morning until about 5 this afternoon -- got there early to set up for today's potluck lunch, then we both taught Sunday School.. Had an 11 a.m. service, then lunch, then a 1:30 p.m. service, then our annual church business meeting.)But I did accomplish a few things:

* Did a lot of embroidery on the pillowcase;

* Moved a file cabinet with Mr. T's help;

* Thoroughly cleaned the floor where said file cabinet formerly resided;

* Moved a small table and a couple of other office-type items;

* Extended a couple invitations to the open house;

* Spoke with our daughter and husband concerning their upcoming visit;

* Wrapped several gifts.

And that's about it for Day 11!

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