Thursday, February 08, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 7

Today wasn't the most productive day, but I did accomplish a few things:

* Picked up one last gift card.

* Baked Golden Apricot Cakes for a Valentine care package.

* Baked Double Chocolate Scones for the care package and also to freeze to enjoy with our company.

* Washed and dried all of the baby blankets I own so the little fellow will stay warm.

* Washed/dried a couple of turtlenecks and some thermal pajamas for our guests to use -- they are coming from the tropics, after all.

* Purchased lots of groceries for their visit and the different parties that will be going on while they're here.

* Emailed a number of people about different things going on during the visit.

Think that's about it! Not expecting much from tomorrow -- too much else going on.

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