Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 9

Today was pretty good for accomplishments toward the challenge! It didn't seem to start out that way, but a lot got done:

* I moved some furniture around to make a cozy seating area on the landing at the top of our stairs. (This is something I have always wanted to do.)

* Bought some pretty cloth napkins on clearance at Walmart to use for a valance -- $3!

* Bought a small hooked rug at Walmart to cozy up this area.

* Between Mr. T and myself, we got all of the Christmas wrappings and a lot of other stuff into the attic.

* Mr. T got the porta-crib out of the attic to use for our littlest grandson while he's visiting.

* I got the menu for our "Christmas dinner" and our open house planned in detail and got needed items onto my shopping list.

* I found one last present that needed wrapping -- and wrapped it.

* We made tentative plans for another possible get-together while our guests are here. It's been over 2 years since they visited last, so they want to see as many people as possible.

That's about it for Day 9!

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