Saturday, October 22, 2022

October "to dos": six ways to be intentional this autumn


The Daily Grace Co. is at it again!  They posted another fun and encouraging graphic that showed up in my Instagram feed a day or two ago.  Even though October is 2/3 over, this sweet to-do list encouraged me, so I thought I would share it with my readers.  Here are some of my thoughts:

Embrace the joys of a new season.  Oh, I have been seeking to do that ever since fall began.  I think that this year I have appreciated the fall leaves like never before, even the little scrubby bushes that just shine their little hearts out in bright orange, red or gold.  We're enjoying fall flavors like apples, cider, and pumpkins.  As we've traveled around through New Hampshire this season, and as we've taken a foliage trip up the Cannon Mountain tram, Mr. T and I have oohed and ahhed over the leaves we've seen, commenting that this glorious show never gets old.  Brilliant red and orange are some of our favorites.

Create an intentional prayer practice.  For years I have used a prayer journal to help me pray more effectively.  My prayer journal posts have been some of my most read here on the blog.  I'm doing a couple of things this season that have enhanced my practice of prayer.  At our church we have a "prayer bulletin" to use on Wednesday nights, and on the back is a list of many folks who are members of the church or frequent visitors ... even many who used to attend and moved away, etc.  This list is broken down by days, with several families or individuals to pray about each day of the week.  Mr. T and I tend to pray through this list in the evenings.  I've begun transferring some of these names to my prayer journal so I will pray for them more frequently.  Another thing I've been doing for  awhile is to set Sunday as my day to pray not only for our church and services, but also to pray for the persecuted church and any believers who are in prison or labor camps or other hard places right now.  I believe it's very important to keep those needs before the Lord in prayer.

Check in on a friend.  This is such a good one.  We have many friends that we aren't in close touch with.  As I was working on this post and read this prompt, I was reminded of a friend I needed to check on.  So I picked up the phone and called.  Why don't you do the same?

Do one thing each day that sparks joy.  Loved this one!  For me, creativity sparks joy.  Writing sparks joy.  Being in God's word sparks joy.  Being with family and friends sparks joy.  Think about what sparks joy for you and then take time for it daily!  Life is too short to not allow time for joy.

Fast screen time for time in the Word.  I don't really do this because my time in the Word is early and consistent and is a quality amount of time each day.  But I would definitely fast from screen time and replace it with time in the Bible if I was struggling with getting into the Word of God.

By Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

Work towards one new goal.  Great idea!  For me, fall often feels like a new beginning.  My new goal is actually going to be an older goal -- decluttering our space.  But this time I am tackling it from a different perspective.  I've been journaling through Melissa Michaels' book Make Room for What You Love (using a scrapbook style journal during downtime at our little cottage).  I finished that up yesterday and so I am going to work through Melissa's step by step guide to making room.  It looks doable and encouraging.

And there you have it.  I hope that you, too, will be inspired by one (or all) of these ways to be more intentional with your time and energy this autumn.

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