Monday, October 03, 2022

Some wonderful ways to seek God in this season

 I'm *this* close to trying to write a post for every day in October, as a number of bloggers do.  Why would I attempt this during such a busy month?  The only possible reason is that I already have written posts for October 1 and 2.  Of course I'll be scheduling a Scripture post every Sunday.  And then, lots of plans for getaways and special times with friends means I'd have plenty to write about.  And also, October is so photogenic!

I spotted the above fall graphic from The Daily Grace Co. on Instagram and thought it could make the perfect springboard for a post.  These are all wonderful ways we can seek God this fall.  

* Spending time in His creation.  This happens so naturally in the fall.  The cool crisp air, the blue sky and colorful leaves just draw us out of doors.  Ideally I would spend time outside every day.  Some days are even warm enough to eat lunch outside!  (But not today.  It's chilly!)  Hiking, picking apples, going for a walk, even just leaf peeping and taking photos to preserve the beauty for later.  Anything that gets us out into God's creation is a plus and a great encouragement as it reminds us of His power and omniscience.

* Being present with my loved ones.  It was such a joy to have our Nevada daughter and family here for the first ten days of September.  (That's Joanna beow, holding Rosemary, her youngest, on the night they arrived at our camp.)  I'm also trying to soak up every minute with local grandchildren, especially those times when they show up at our little cottage.

* Taking time to truly rest.  Both my hubby and I got quite tired during the family's visit.  We have been on the go quite a lot since they left, too.  We are learning to go to bed early when we need to, or to take a half-hour nap.  We do have three days scheduled at a quiet place up north later this month, during which time we hope to get some good rest.  

* Finding joy and gratitude in mundane tasks.  I am learning to do this on a regular basis, more than I ever have.  I'm so thankful that God has given me a home to keep, and that alone should make it a joy.  It's a blessing as well to have homekeeping tasks to do at our little cottage.  

* Exploring new ways to be creative.  Life is so busy that I can't always be creative in the traditional ways I love.  Exploring new ways to be creative can indeed be a way in which to seek the Lord. One way I have been enjoying is creating Scripture graphics to use with my Sunday posts.   I will be interested to see what further creative opportunities He brings my way!

There are five wonderful ways to seek the Lord this fall.  Why not plan on doing one or all of these?


  1. As I was doing some light decorating for fall and Thanksgiving because, why waste energy, I laughed to see that I was doing the same old thing. Well, why not?! It looked just as good as the first time I did it. So much for creativity. I have a feeling that you'll do better in the creativity department. Good for you to post daily. The mere thought exhausts me, but it is a good way to push back on the darkness that invariably creeps in this time of the year.

    1. Yes, and isn't the darkness creeping in, in more than one way, this season? I am going to push back on darkness every chance I get!

      And I agree, often our seasonal decorating looks just as good as the first time we did it, so why not add the same touches again? I find that often I have to look back at older photos of how I decorated my hutch, for example, to remember what I did.

  2. Good morning!
    This was such an encouraging post, filled with much needed reminders and ideas. Finding the Lord in all things, big or little, will truly be a wonderful plan.
    Blessings, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda!! I am so happy that you found this post such a blessing! Thanks to the Daily Grace Co. for giving me the ideas!

  3. I love these ideas. I've been decluttering and trying to find better ways to organize our home and make it more cozy. Thank you for sharing. Posting each day is a great goal. Maybe I'll try that one month. For now my goal is to post twice a week.

    1. Elisha, I'm so happy that you were blessed by these ideas! Stay tuned for another post in the same vein.


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