Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18

A favorite card by artist Kathy Lawrence
Mr. T had the day off due to rain, so we spent a good bit of today finishing up the packing of a Christmas box for our loved ones out West.  It is huge -- and full -- but most of the contents are homemade.  Safely on its way, now.

Tonight we took three of our grandchildren out for McDonalds, ice cream sundaes (make your own) at a favorite candy shop, and a bit of shopping which included time spent in a bookstore with hands-on toys for kids to try out.  A fun time which enabled their parents to enjoy a date night, too.

That was pretty much our day.  A tiring, but good day!


  1. Mrs. T, it sounds like you had a productive day and a sweet evening with your precious grandchildren! I bet they had a wonderful and memorable time too!

    I am enjoying reading all of your December posts! I always look forward to visiting you at your blogs!

  2. Mrs. Smith, I *hope* the kids had fun. They seemed to be, but at times it seems we had to hurry them along to the next thing. It was pouring rain out, which didn't help matters. But we all had a good time together and gave their mom & dad the gift of a night out.

    Thanks so much for visiting here and at my Christmas kitchen!!


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