Monday, January 01, 2007

A new countdown challenge

The Christmas countdown challenge was such a help to me, I've decided to set up a new countdown challenge for myself. Our daughter and family are coming here for a short visit following their mission building project in the West Indies. They will arrive on Valentine's Day. I have a lot to accomplish before they get here, and decided that a countdown challenge would help keep me motivated.

Basically, the tasks involved include:

* Finishing handcrafted gifts, some large, some small

* Wrapping all gifts for our Christmas together and our daughter's birthday

* Decluttering several areas in our home

* Moving some furniture around

* Planning meals and get-togethers for the time our loved ones are here

I have 45 days in which to accomplish all this -- hence, it will be a 45-day countdown challenge. I'll try and report in every day or two as to how I'm doing.

What about you? Is there something you'd like to spend 45 days working on -- maybe working on a Bible study, a prayer journal, or a home or craft project -- or building a new habit? Feel free to join in on the countdown challenge!

For lack of a better name I'll be calling this the Valentine's Countdown Challenge. And today is Day 45!

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