Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 30

Today was pretty much useless as far as the challenge is concerned. I had reports to type and send off for our church's annual report, and needed to get a good start too on preparing for my Sunday School lesson. I also prepared more of a labor-intensive supper than usual -- homemade calzones with soup.

This is the tiny bit I got done:

* Rewrapped a gift basket to add some items to it and place it in a gift basket bag -- it is based on a rectangular tray and is a very unwieldy shape to try and just wrap with cellophane. The bag works much better and -- since I had to add a few items anyway, re-wrapping it was not wasted time.

* Decluttered a couple of items from the computer room.

* Spent a few minutes doing hand sewing on a gift project during a phone call.

Hoping to accomplish a bit more tomorrow!

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