Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A foray into Zone 5

I've mentioned before that Wednesdays are a tough day for me -- I'm out of the house more than I like to be. This morning I glanced over my schedule and saw only a couple of free hours. What could I do in Zone 5 -- the living room -- that would fit into that time frame?

I decided to take down the lace valances from my living room windows and wash them. I also washed the windows (insides only -- this is New England in January, after all!), dusted the window casings, and swiffered the living room walls. When the valances were dry, I put them back up. Does it look perfect? Of course not! Does it look fresher and cleaner? It sure does!

I'm delighted that even on a very busy day I could tackle a task in Zone 5!

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