Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tackling Zone Three

Well, I sure haven't been as faithful to my FlyLady zones as I should be in the past few months, but I've been attempting in the past couple of weeks to "jump in where I am" and do better. Last week I managed to get some good quality decluttering and cleaning done in the kitchen.

This week we're in Zone 3 -- the bathroom -- and up until today I hadn't accomplished much but the daily swish and swipe. We have 1 and 1/2 baths, and today I zeroed in on the half bath. I didn't expect that such a tiny space (which I had thoroughly decluttered a couple of years ago, and to which the clutter has not returned) would need so much attention. But it does!

Here's what I did today:

* Washed the window and dusted the window frame and sill

* Took down the curtains -- washed, dried, pressed (even adding a bit of spray starch) and replaced them

* Thoroughly wiped down both sides of the door and the casings with a dry swiffer cloth

* Dusted the trimwork on the doors with a dry toothbrush

* Took a sponge and a big bucket of water with Greased Lightning® added, and washed down both sides of the door and the casings

* Noticed that the toilet paper storage basket was empty and added 2 rolls

* Noticed that the above-mentioned basket was looking shabby and made plans to craft a new one (It's woven paper twist on a foundation of an empty tissue box)

* Swiffered the walls

* Thoroughly washed the floor, using a toothbrush to scrub the edges

* Washed and dried the wastebasket

Now that's a feeling of accomplishment! Several of these tasks will "stay" done -- like the curtains and the work on the door -- for several months now. With just my daily maintenance work, this bathroom will be in fine shape for our company. Now for tomorrow -- I plan to tackle the tub/shower and the shower curtain/tub mat in our main bathroom.

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