Sunday, January 28, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 18

Even though today was a Sunday and a busy one at that, a few things got accomplished toward the challenge:

* I spent a few minutes cross-stitching another pillowcase.

* I sorted all of my "paper treasures" (vintage greeting cards, etc. that I display under a glass-topped desk and in ribbon boards) by season and got them all in one storage container (These were previously in a desk drawer and a crammed folder.)

* I sorted out all of my ribbons and got them in to another storage container. (Ribbons were previously stored in a couple of plastic bags.)

* I got most of my Christmas craft components into one storage container (previously in an overstuffed plastic bag and a few other places).

* I began sorting out all of my lace trim into a new storage container.

* Invited someone to the open house.

* Spoke with our daughter about plans for them to see all the people they hope to while they're here.

It was an all-around good day!

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