Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 29

Now this is scary... to get to where there are less than 30 days until the end of the challenge!

Today was not too productive as far as the challenge... Wednesdays are always a busy day for me with several hours spent out of the house. But here's what I managed to get done:

* Did some decluttering in my craft closet -- an essential to my plan.

* Found a nifty new home for my yarn -- an old decorative tin in the shape of a milk can.

* Took down all of the Christmas cards and placed them in a wooden basket -- from which we will hopefully remember to pick a card each day and pray for those who sent it to us.

* Cut out one last sewing project and started sewing on it.

* Did some hand sewing on another project.

* Embroidered a bit on the pillowcase I'm working on.

Hoping for a better day on Day 28!

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