Saturday, January 20, 2007

Valentine Countdown Challenge, Day 26

Well, not a lot got accomplished today because we spent aboout 7 hours of it away from home. We took our elderly neighbor to visit her husband who is in a hospital 1.5 hours away. Because of the distance she had not been able to visit him and he has been there about a month. I did get some work accomplished in the car, and purchased a few gifts -- we went shopping and out to lunch while our friend had a nice long visit with her hubby -- and did a bit more crafting after we arrived home. Here's what got done:

* Did a lot of embroidery on a pillowcase. Nearly done!

* Bought several gourmet food items to use as Christmas gifts and to include in a Valentine care package for faraway friends.

* Bought 2 books for gifts.

* Nearly finished a handcrafted gift -- just a tiny bit left to do.

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